Tahm Kench vs. Sett: Who Wins the Matchup?

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Tahm Kench is a powerful tank that has dominated the top lane for years, and his recent buffs have made him one of the strongest champions in League of Legends.

Sett is a fighter with great crowd control and burst damage potential. He has a lot of raw strength and power behind his punches. Sett also got a very aggressive style, which can sometimes catch Tahm Kench off guard.

So, who wins the matchup between Tahm Kench and Sett? Let's find out by going over their strengths and weaknesses.

Tahm Kench vs. Sett: General Overview

Tahm Kench is a tanky champion with high base armor, magic resistance, and health. His ultimate, Devour, can save allies or ingest enemies that deal magic damage.

Sett is by no means a weak opponent. He's also an incredibly tough champion, capable of taking a lot of punishment and still being standing.

Tahm Kench's Strengths

Tahm Kench is renowned for his prowess in team combat. He can do this because of his two abilities, Devour and Abyssal Voyage. He can teleport to an ally who is low on health and consume them by using his W and R combo.

As a result, Tahm Kench is incredibly helpful in teamfights because he can either save an ally or utilize it as a clever strategy to bait the enemy team into engaging with him.

Tahm Kench's Weaknesses

There are a few weaknesses that make Tahm Kench a poor top lane pick.

First and foremost, he's a mana-reliant champion who relies on his abilities to be effective. You won't be able to join teamfights or leave a losing battle fast if you run out of mana.

Also, Tahm Kench is vulnerable to crowd control. If the enemy team has someone like Lux or Morgana on it, you'll need to be extra careful around them or risk being stunned out of position and killed by their teammates.

Sett's Strengths

Sett has a lot going for him in this matchup. First, he has a strong laning phase thanks to his ability to bully Tahm Kench out of lane.

In the early game, Sett can easily harass Tahm Kench by poking and threatening to all-in if he tries any funny business.

This forces Tahm Kench to play more passively and focus on farming rather than roaming or helping teammates as much as possible.

Second, Sett also has a very strong teamfight presence due partly to his E (Facebreaker) and decent damage output with basic attacks.

Sett's Weaknesses

Sett is very susceptible to being ganked and can be easily shut down by a well-coordinated team.

Tahm Kench vs. Sett: Conclusion

While Tahm Kench may not be the most popular champion in LoL, he is one of the strongest top laner in this patch. He has a lot of utility in his kit, with a slow and stun that can be used to lock down enemies or peel for his team.

Sett, on the other hand, is a juggernaut who excels at early game fights and team fighting. He's often played as a solo laner or a support, and his main strength is his ability to inflict a lot of damage in a short period of time.

In the Tahm Kench vs. Sett matchup, Tahm Kench has the upper hand.

Tahm Kench's ability to control the battlefield and disrupt enemies gives him a big advantage over Sett. Additionally, Tahm Kench's damage output is very high, and he can easily take down Sett in a one-on-one fight.

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