How to Easily Create 301 Redirects in XenForo

Sometimes, you may want to redirect users to a different thread or page on your forum. Causes for this can be that you have merged two different threads together or you have deleted a thread but don’t want to create a negative experience for your users.

This is when 301 redirects become useful. If someone visits the old URL or clicks on a link that points to the old URL, your forum will redirect them to the new URL (as specified by you).

Why is it important to create 301 redirects for your deleted threads? If you don’t, they will return a 404 not found error. This is bad for users, will impact your forum’s SEO, and hurts your rankings.

How to set up a 301 redirect in XenForo

Step 1: Login to your XenForo Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Select ‘XenForo SEO‘. Click on ‘Redirects Manager‘.

Step 3: Click ‘Add redirect‘.

Step 4: Fill out the popup modal.

See how easy that was? And you didn’t need to login to your hosting server or edit your .htaccess file.

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