How to Use the XenForo SEO Internal Linking Tool

Internal linking can be beneficial to your users and search engines. Our XenForo SEO add-on allows you to build better internal linking structure throughout your forum, automatically!

Why work on your internal linking structure?

  • If you want to keep visitors on your forum longer.
  • Help search engines crawl and index your forum pages.
  • Pass page authority to important threads.

How to use the Internal linking tool in XenForo

Step 1: Login to your XenForo Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: Select ‘XenForo SEO‘. Click on ‘Internal Links Manager‘.

Step 3: Click ‘Add keyword‘.

Step 4: Fill out the popup modal.

  • Keyword: the keyword on your site that you want to target.
  • Description: Give a brief description about the keyword. (optional)
  • Target URL: The URL that you wish to link the keyword to.
  • Replace limit: Set to 1.

The Result

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